Ongoing Announcements during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Ongoing Announcements during the COVID-19 Pandemic

This page will contain announcements and communications with church members during the Covid-19 Pandemic, with most recent at the top.

(9/27/20)  The Fall Sunday School Quarter continues October 4 with a new selection of classes.  Details here.

DISCOVER CREATION, a program for age 5 through middle school is coming to GMSBC Oct. 12 – 15.  Details here.

NOTE:  (9/13/20) The Sunday School fall quarter began Sunday, Sept. 6, at 9:45 am,  with a four-week “Membership Matters” class in the auditorium, led by Pastor Dennis.  You are all invited to attend – prospective members, current members, and those wanting to know more about this church.

Here’s information about planned day camps in July & August, 2020. Contact the instructors for more info and to register.

NOTE: Effective the week of June 28, 2020, the men’s prayer and Bible study time is moved to Wednesdays at 8:00 am.

Summer 2020 Sunday School Schedule

HEBREWS:   Nick Greear, Teacher             Ends July 5

ROMANS:    Doug McCully, Teacher          Ends August 2

FOLLOWING JESUS:    Chary Scroggins, Teacher

Class Schedule:  June 28 – August 9

  1. Saved by God                                June 28
  2. Living by God’s Ways                    July 5
  3. Listening to God                            July 12
  4. Talking to God                               July 19
  5. Meeting with God’s Family         July 26
  6. Meeting the World                       Aug 2
  7. Living in Hope                                Aug 9

August 16-30:              No Classes

September:                 MEMBERSHIP MATTERS CLASS

October:                      New Classes Begin

NOTE: New Sunday morning schedule beginning May 31, 2020.

Early Service     –   8:30 am
Bible Study        –   9:45
Second Service – 11:00

Here is Pastor’s letter to the church family dated May 24 with details.

Pastor’s May 13 email and letter to members:

Hello Everyone,

The church leadership is continuing to monitor the government guidelines for meetings of churches and others.  Things change almost daily, but we feel that for the next two weeks we will likely be able to continue meeting in groups of 10 or less.  Below is some information I sent out to some via regular mail considering meeting opportunities over the next few weeks.

Delta County Commissioners have requested a variance from the Governor, and we should know by the first part of next week what the answer will be.  That may change how we proceed.

Thanks,   Dennis

Grand Mesa Southern Baptist Church,

110 SE Jay Ave., Cedaredge, CO 81413

May 13, 2020

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to let you know that we have begun small group meetings

(10 people in keeping with government guidelines).  You will find these opportunities listed below and you are encouraged to be a part if you wish.

Masks and hand sanitizer are available at each exit door for those who would like to use those items. Cleaning and sanitizing continues each week between meetings.

Church leadership will be meeting next week to discuss our options for worshipping together.  In the meantime, the auditorium will continue to be open on Sunday mornings for private worship. Sermons and other worship helps are available on our website.


Sunday Mornings:

Bible Study Groups will meet on Sunday Mornings for one hour with the following staggered schedule for starting.

9:00 am                Classroom 1          Doug McCully       856-3862

9:30 am                Classroom 3          Bill Wells                856-3619

10:00 am               Classroom 5          Nick Greear           856-6393

10:30 am               Classroom 7          Ed Reese               856-3635


Men’s Bible Study and Prayer Time:   8:00am    Classroom #6

Lady’s Prayer Time                                 3:00pm    Chapel


Choir  (For anyone who wants to sing)          5:00pm    Auditorium

Saturday May 16:

Men’s Breakfast                                      8:00am    Fellowship Hall

Pastor Dennis,            (970) 417-3310

Pastor’s April 29, 2020, letter to members:

April 29, 2020

Hello Friends,

As you are aware, Colorado has entered into a new phase of the response to Covid19 which is being called, “Safer at Home.”  The elders of the church met together to discuss our response as a church to these new directives.  Although this is subject to change as new information becomes available, these are our plans for meetings for the month of May.

  1. Every Sunday in May the auditorium will be open from 9 am to 10:30 am for those would like to come and have a time of private worship.  The pastor and elders will be available during this time for those who would like to have further discussions or prayer.  CD’s of the sermon for the day will be available in the foyer. The sermons will continue to be available on our website.  Group worship times will begin as soon as possible: stay tuned!   * On May 10th, Mother’s Day, you are encouraged to bring your filled Baby Bottle for the Pregnancy Resource Center fund raiser and leave them on the table in the foyer.
  1. Beginning on May 10, small groups will be meeting in the individual classrooms on a staggered schedule so that no more than 10 people are meeting together at a time. The initial meeting will be for encouragement and prayer.  The teachers will begin their lessons on May 17th.   Groups will meet for one hour beginning according to the following schedule:

9:00 am                Classroom 1        Doug McCully    856-3862

9:30 am                Classroom 3        Bill Wells              856-3619

10:00 am             Classroom 5        Nick Greear        856-6393

10:30 am             Classroom 7        Ed Reese             856-3635

Please contact one of these group leaders if you plan to attend so that they can prepare and so that groups can be kept to the maximum number of 10.

  1. The Men’s Prayer Time on Tuesday will meet at 8:00 am.

The Ladies Prayer Time will meet on Tuesday at 3:00 pm

  1. The building has been cleaned and sanitized during this interim period.  Every week, all bathrooms and meeting rooms will be cleaned and sanitized before the next group meets.   (Details of the recent cleaning are given on next page.)
  1. Masks and hand sanitizer are available at each entrance for your convenience.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call at (970) 417-3310

Blessings,         Pastor Dennis

Bob Hardman organized a thorough cleaning of the church facilities during the month of April.  Listed below are the cleaning activities that were carried out.

Thank you, Bob and the many others who helped accomplish this work.

Pastor Dennis


  1. All movable objects were removed from the auditorium and were cleaned and disinfected before being returned.
  2. Auditorium carpets and pew cushions, were shampooed and disinfected.
  3. Hard surfaces of pews including arm rests and songbook holders were wiped down with disinfectant.
  4. Windows and window sills were cleaned.
  5. Choir loft chairs, rails, and sound booth surfaces were disinfected.
  6. Bathrooms, including all dividers, doors, and dispensers were wiped down and disinfected.
  7. All doors and door knobs were disinfected.


  1. All movable objects were removed from classrooms then cleaned and disinfected.
  2. Classroom chairs were shampooed and hard surfaces were disinfected.
  3. Classroom carpets were shampooed.
  4. Windows and window sills were cleaned.
  5. Bathrooms were cleaned and all dividers, doors, and dispensers were wiped down and disinfected.
  6. All doors, knobs, door plates, etc. were wiped down and disinfected.
  7. All elevator surfaces were wiped down and disinfected.
  8. The fellowship hall floor is in the process of being stripped and waxed.

Pastor’s April 24, 2020, email to members:

Hello Everyone,

As you all know there is talk of a gradual opening up of services, including worship services, that will be taking place in the next few weeks. Exactly how that will transpire is still murky, but should be coming clearer soon.  I will send out a letter next week to give you an update as to what our plans are for the immediate future.

In the meantime, the church auditorium will be open on Sunday from 9:00 am to 10:30 for those who would like to stop by to pick up sermon CD’s and notes, pray, talk to me about anything, leave an offering, or just have a few minutes fellowship; from a distance.

Please check the church website for sermons, Sunday school lessons, worship, and prayer resources.  Thank you, Roger, for your help in keeping us connected.

Coronavirus and Christ” is an excellent resource from John Piper.  It gives a comprehensive explanation for what God is doing through diseases and disasters.

It is available at the Desiring God website and this link.

Blessings on you all,    Pastor Dennis

Pastor’s April 23, 2020, email to members:

Today begins the Muslim season of Ramadan; 30 days of ritual fasting.

Muslims are particularly sensitive to spiritual things during this season. They seek dreams and visions of God.  They do their best to do what they can to become good in his eyes.

During this season, Christians around the world pray for their Muslim neighbors that they might truly be enlightened by the Spirit of God as they pray and fast.

We need to realize that Muslims are not our enemies.  The evil one that has blinded them is the one we fight against.

Let’s take this time to pray that his deception would be exposed for what it is and Muslims will be granted the vision to see the truth.

Would you take the time over the next 30 days to pray for Muslims both in America and in other parts of the world?

Roger will soon put something on our church home page, but for now he has a link that will help guide you in these prayers:

Thank you,       Pastor Dennis

(April 23, 2020)

A couple of things are currently emphasized in our church.  First, this is the season of the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering for North America missions.  More here on that.    Second, as the month-long Ramadan begins for those in Islam, it also begins a time of special prayer on our part for them, that those who are sincerely seeking god will indeed find the true and living God.  Here are some resources to help you pray.

Pastor’s March 30, 2020, email to members:

Hello Everyone,

It looks like we will be extending our stay at home time for the next month or so.

Even though we won’t be meeting together, there will be opportunities for ministry, encouragement, and supporting one another.

Please note the following announcements.

  1. The weekly sermons are available on line at   They are also available by CD.  If you would like a CD with notes, please let me know at (970) 417-3310.   Roger can help you with web site questions.  (970) 640-8668
  2. The Chapel downstairs is available for personal times of worship if you would like.  There are hymnals, CD’s of the sermons, and an offering plate for your convenience.
  3. The new quarter of Sunday School starts this next Sunday, April 5.  See Nick’s note below about the upcoming classes.  The lessons will be available on line, via email, or through the mail. Please let the teachers know if you would like to have their notes.
  4. If you would like to contribute to the ongoing ministries of the church, you can send a check to the church: P.O. box.  P.O. Box 458  Cedaredge 81413.  As mentioned above, there is also an offering plate on the table in the chapel.
  5. Bob Hardman is coordinating  some deep cleaning at the church so that the building will be sparkling and “germ free” when we reopen.  See his list below of what needs to be done. The carpet will be cleaned on April 7th.  Before that is done we are emptying out class rooms and cleaning the windows, chairs, pews, and generally disinfecting all surfaces.  I know we can’t all be there at the same time, but if you have an hour or two  this week or next, let Bob or me know and the door will be open and supplies available for you.  There will also be work to be done next week after the carpet is cleaned.  Your help is appreciated.
  6. We are making an effort to call each of you regularly during this time to see how you are. However, if you would like some help with groceries, other errands,  have prayer needs or other things you wish to discuss, please don’t hesitate to call on the elders, deacons, or anyone else in the church family.    Ed Reese  856-3635  and Ron Perry  (970) 209-2650  are the deacons in charge of practical ministries.

Blessings on you,

Pastor Dennis

Nick’s Note on Sunday School:

Spring Quarter Sunday School

Begins April 5, 2020

Five seminars will be held from 9:30 to10:30 AM as follows:

  • Classroom #5. Nick Greear will be completing the study of the Book of Hebrews begun in January.  Upon completion (3-5 weeks) he will be offering various other seminars to complete the spring quarter.
  • Classroom #1. Doug McCully will lead a 13-week Bible study on the Book of Romans  for groups of all ages that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context.
  • Classroom#7 (Library). Ed Reese will also lead a 13 week course entitled How to Grow. Focusing on spiritual disciplines, topics include, among others, Bible intake, prayer, confession, stewardship, cultivating spiritual fruit, and perseverance.
  • Classroom #2. Bill Wells will start the quarter with the six week course Explaining Christianity. For Christians and non-Christians alike, this course will cover the following topics: Jesus – Son of God, the crucifixion, resurrection, salvation by grace, repentance, and faith.
  • Classroom #2. Chary Scroggins will follow Bill Wells starting May 17 with the seven week course Following Jesus. Weekly topics include saved by God, living by God’s ways, listening to God, talking to God, meeting with God’s family, meeting the world, and living in hope.

Because the restriction on public gatherings are still in place, each leader will offer alternative learning opportunities be it on our church web site, emailing of lesson plans, home studies, or other methods.

It would be very helpful if you contact the leader of each seminar now and let them know if you will be attending their course so they can make alternative learning arrangements if restrictions are still in place.

Nick Greear: 856-6393                    Doug McCully: 856-3862

Ed Reese: 856-3635                          Chary Scroggins: 852-1724

Bill Wells: 856-3619

Bob’s Spring Cleaning List    Call Bob at  856-1121  or Dennis at 417-3310  if you can help.

GMSBC Semi-Annual Volunteer Cleaning To-Do List


  1. Shampoo and disinfect pews, choir loft area also.
  2. Disinfect and wipe down hard surfaces of pews.
  3. Wash windows and sills.
  4. Disinfect and wipe down other chairs, rails, other flat surfaces.
  5. Bathrooms—disinfect wipe dividers, doors and dispensers.
  6. Remove all objects from carpet; the carpet to be shampooed April 7.


  1. Remove and disinfect tables and chairs from classrooms.
  2.   Empty out classrooms to prepare for carpet shampooing.   (April 7)
  3. Wash windows and sills.
  4.   Bathrooms—disinfect wipe dividers, doors, and dispensers.
  5.   Disinfect and wipe down all doors, knobs, door plates, etc.
  6.   Elevator–disinfect wipe all surfaces.

Pastor’s March 18, 2020 email to members:

Dear Church Family,

In the ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump and other government officials issued guidelines for public meetings aimed at slowing the spread of the virus. They called for the cancellation of meetings with more than 10 people present.

In compliance with the scriptures that encourage us to obey civic authorities and the desire for the good of each other and others around us, we are cancelling our services and regular church events for the remainder of March.  We will, however, continue to have the weekly sermons on line and they will be distributed on CD for those who ask.  These sermons will be recorded at the usual time on Sunday morning and be made available shortly thereafter.  I hope that these will be useful to you as you continue to worship at home or in small groups.

We encourage you to keep in contact with one another and pray for each other. Love each other in tangible ways.  If you need help with groceries or other needs, let Ed Reese and Ron Perry know.  They are the deacons in charge of Practical Ministries. The elders will also be in touch with you and will be available for personal visits.

We will continue to be in contact with you in the next few weeks as the situation develops to let you know about our plans for the services in April.

Finally, rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.  (Romans 12:12-13)

Pastor Dennis