Sunday School – 2020 Spring and Summer revisions

Sunday School – 2020 Spring and Summer revisions

NOTE:  (8/9/20) The Sunday School summer quarter has ended.  For the last three Sundays of August there will be a fellowship hour between the morning services.  Sunday School will resume September 6 with a “Membership Matters” class in the auditorium, taught by Pastor Dennis.

Summer 2020 Sunday School Schedule

HEBREWS:   Nick Greear, Teacher             Ends July 5

ROMANS:    Doug McCully, Teacher          Ends August 2

FOLLOWING JESUS:    Chary Scroggins, Teacher

Class Schedule:  June 28 – August 9

  1. Saved by God                                 June 28
  2. Living by God’s Ways                   July 5
  3. Listening to God                            July 12
  4. Talking to God                               July 19
  5. Meeting with God’s Family         July 26
  6. Meeting the World                       Aug 2
  7. Living in Hope                              Aug 9

August 16-30:              No Classes

September:                 MEMBERSHIP MATTERS CLASS

October:                      New Classes Begin

Teachers will be able to post notes, lesson plans, outlines, etc. on a website page for their class.  Please select the appropriate class from the list below to go to that page.  Full description below.

Spring Quarter Sunday School:    Begins April 5, 2020, details below.

Here are links to individual class pages: (You may want to save your class in your bookmarks for future reference.)

Nick Greear – Book of Hebrews                      Doug McCully – Book of Romans

Ed Reese – How to Grow                                 Bill Wells – Explaining Christianity

Chary Scroggins – Following Jesus

Five seminars will be held from 9:45 to10:45 AM as follows:

  • Classroom #5. Nick Greear will be completing the study of the Book of Hebrews begun in January. Upon completion (3-5 weeks) he will be offering various other seminars to complete the spring quarter.
  • Classroom #1. Doug McCully will lead a 13-week Bible study on the book of Romans for groups of all ages that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context.
  • Classroom#7 (Library). Ed Reese will also lead a 13 week course entitled How to Grow. Focusing on spiritual disciplines, topics include, among others, Bible intake, prayer, confession, stewardship, cultivating spiritual fruit, and perseverance.
  • Classroom #2. Bill Wells will start the quarter with the six week course Explaining Christianity. For Christians and non-Christians alike, this course will cover the following topics: Jesus – Son of God, the crucifixion, resurrection, salvation by grace, repentance, and faith.
  • Classroom #2. Chary Scroggins will follow Bill Wells starting May 17 with the seven week course Following Jesus. Weekly topics include saved by God, living by God’s ways, listening to God, talking to God, meeting with God’s family, meeting the world, and living in hope.

We hope we can meet normally as a church body on April 5, but if the current restriction on public gatherings are still in place, each leader will offer alternative learning opportunities be it on our church web site, emailing of lesson plans, home studies, or other methods.

It would be very helpful if you contact the leader of each seminar now and let them know if you will be attending their course so they can make alternative learning arrangements if restrictions are still in place.

Nick Greear: 856-6393                       Doug McCully: 856-3862

Ed Reese: 856-3635                             Chary Scroggins: 852-1724

Bill Wells: 856-3619