This page will contain announcements and communications with church members, with most recent at the top.

(2/9/21)  Due to Covid concerns there will be no services until Sunday, Feb. 21, at which time regular activities are planned to resume.   Updates will be posted here. Below is posted a letter from Pastor Dennis:

February 9, 2021

Good morning Church Family,

After the recent round of COVID-19 infections among our church family and the subsequent suspension of church functions I wanted to give you an update on plans for resumption of church services. 

Sunday morning worship will resume on February 21st at 10:00 am.  You are welcome to attend in person or to be a part of the worship on-line or by joining the smaller group downstairs where the service is projected on the large screen TV’s.  If you need help in connecting with the on-line services, feel free to give me or the church office a call and we will make sure that you receive assistance.  

Sunday School, choir, and mid-week Bible study activities will also resume on February 21st and the week following unless developments between now and then would suggest a further delay is warranted.

Extra cleaning and sanitizing of the facilities has been done during the last few weeks.  I want to express appreciation to the building team for the extra effort they have put into keeping us all safe and healthy. 

I am in the office on Tuesday and Friday mornings if you would like to stop by. Please feel free to call or email me at another time if you would like a personal visit, prayer, or any other concern that I can help you with.

Thank you for your prayers for those who have been affected by the virus.  It appears that for most of us, our symptoms are similar to a bad case of the flu.  Ongoing fatigue seems to be the most common long-term effect.   I am grateful that it has not been worse than that.


Dennis Scroggins


(1/2/21) Live streaming of services is here.   The services are available on downstairs TVs at 10:00 am each Sunday, and on the internet here or here. It will be in testing and refinement for the next few weeks.  Videos of past sermons are available here, and will also be linked from individual sermon pages on this site.

(1/2/21)  The Sunday School winter quarter begins Jan 3 with a new selection of classes to choose from.  Details here:  SUNDAY SCHOOL SCHEDULE Winter 2021

(11/29/20)  This is the season of the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, which provides about half of the International Mission Board annual budget.  During the week of prayer for international missions, check out the video for each day here.

(11/8/20) Letter to the church regarding COVID:

November 8, 2020

Hello Everyone,

*In light of the current guidelines distributed by mail from the Delta County Health Dept.

And based on conversations the elders have had after reading the current Imprimis article which includes the Greater Barrington Declaration, we are implementing the following guidelines for our church services for this present time.

  1. Continue to provide masks, hand sanitizer, and gloves for those who choose to use them.
  2. Encourage church leadership to wear masks until seated in the auditorium or classroom.
  3. Limit gatherings outside of worship services to 10 individuals unless adequate distancing can be assured.
  4. Continue misting and sanitizing regimen between meetings.
  5. Worship service attendance will be limited to 50% capacity of the auditorium. (80 is the guestimate until on official occupancy rate is provided)
  6. Expedite the provision of video/audio capabilities in other rooms downstairs to allow for overflow when the auditorium is at capacity.  This will also allow for livestreaming of worship services.
  7. Continue to receive the offerings via mail or in the offering plates that are available in the auditorium and foyer.

*Printed copies of the Imprimis article, Great Barrington Declaration, and County Guidelines are on the back table in the auditorium and are the basis for the following rationale for these guidelines:

  • Known risk factors for our congregation.
  • Communicating to our congregation proper respect for authoritiesawhile maintaining worship priorities.
  • Preventing community misunderstanding or potential repercussions.
  • Attendance is voluntary and every effort is being made to expandthe participation options for our congregation.

Thanks for your understanding,

Pastor Dennis