Sunday School

Sunday School

Sunday School is on Sunday mornings from 8:45 to 9:45 am.

We offer a variety of classes for adults and children. We have implemented a quarter system for classes with rotations and class changes possible each calendar quarter. Classes may include selections such as Bible study (overview), in-depth study of a particular book, theology, church history, prayer, etc. DVD courses are sometime used as well.

All classes are open to anyone at any time. Visitors are especially welcome.

Sunday School Schedule:   Fall Quarter 2021  Beginning Oct. 3, 2021

Characters of the Bible;   Leader: Cathy Berreie

This is the first volume in a series of noteworthy biblical characters. This first quarter will cover The Patriarchs: Adam & Eve, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph from the book of Genesis. We will be studying their actions and choices and discuss how they can influence our lives. We will provide study guides and watch a short video introduction to facilitate an open and meaningful discussion time. Join us as we start the first week with Adam & Eve – The First Humans.

Hermeneutics 101;   Leader: Nick Greear

Biblical Hermeneutics; “The responsible reading, interpretation,  and application of the Biblical text.” All of us are interpreters of the Bible, and this course will improve our abilities to first understand what the text meant to the original audience to whom it was written. Only then can we properly apply it to today’s culture. Be prepared to examine many of the challenges of responsible interpretation such as  Western philosophy, context, audience, language, genre, progressive revelation, culture, misuse of the Bible, and many others. Be prepared to be challenged!

Philippians;   Leader: Jack Eberling

Jack will be leading a Lifeway course on the book of Philippians. This intimate letter, written by Paul around AD 61 to the Church at Philippi, contains one of the most important doctrinal concepts; that of the humility of Christ. Paul also warns against the Juaizers (as in other letters) and addresses the peace of the Christian life.