Sermons on Psalms

Sermons on Psalms

The Songs of Ascent: Help

Psalm 124 It is in battle that we discover the God who is for us, though at the time it may seem quite the opposite. 1-29-23 Notes – Help, Psalm 124 Psalm 56:9   This I know that God is for me.  

The Songs of Ascent: Happiness

Psalm 128 The Nativity:  an invasion of Happiness (Note: Due to technical issues, the audio begins in the middle of the sermon, and no video is available this week.) 12-25-22 Notes – Happiness, Psalm 128

The Place of Worship in Suffering

Psalm 57 When I choose to worship God in the midst of suffering, He will “accomplish what concerns me.” 11-6-22 Notes – DAY of PRAYER for the persecuted church Need encouragement? This sermon by Michael Craft at the recent CO Baptist Convention was referenced today.