Sermons from September 2019

Sermons from September 2019

Why Does the Treasure Need to Be Guarded?

Second in the series: Guarding the Treasure:  2 Timothy 1:14 Why does the treasure need to be guarded?  Because there is an enemy who HATES the treasure. 9-22-19 Notes – Why Does The Treasure Need to be Guarded      

God Has a Plan

Matthew 28:19-20 God Has a Plan – God’s imperative to “make disciples,” and a review of the Cooperative Program, whereby our church participates in the support of over 8,500 missionaries around the world.

Is Hell Real? Part III

Is Hell Real? Hell is the inevitable consequence of choices made that are a reflection of the intrinsic character of God and man. Part III: Culmination of Consequences Genesis 15-19 9-1-19 Notes – Is Hell Real Part III