A Desire Realized

A Desire Realized

Dreams and Teams

I Chronicles 11:10-47                        Prov. 13:19 “You can’t achieve your dream without a team.”

Counting the Cost, Part 1

Nehemiah: The Practical Cost of a Dream Your pursuit of dreams will always come at a cost.  Your soul is shaped by your decision to pay that cost. Prov. 13:19  

Hearing Voices, Part 1 – Noah

A Desire Realized Hearing Voices, Part 1: Noah Genesis 6-9                    Prov. 13:19 “God uses our pursuit of dreams to get us used to hearing His voice (as opposed to the other voices around us).”

A Desire Realized

A Desire Realized           Proverbs 13:19 God uses desires (promises) and aspirations as a tool to shape our souls. Desire realized is sweet to the soul, but the journey is where we meet God.