Persevering Saints; The Songs of Ascent

Persevering Saints; The Songs of Ascent

The Songs of Ascent: Blessing

Psalm 134 Living a life of blessing in the trenches. Blessing is when God smiles on us and we smile on Him, and as a result, we experience His protection, pleasure, and peace.                          Numbers 6:22-27        (February 19, 2017) 2-26-23 Notes – Blessing, Psalm 134

The Songs of Ascent: Humility

Psalm 131 Humility is an ACCURATE view of ourselves in relation to God and others.  Humility creates an opportunity for us to THRIVE within God’s sovereignty. 2-19-23 Notes – Humility, Psalm 131  

The Songs of Ascent: Help

Psalm 124 It is in battle that we discover the God who is for us, though at the time it may seem quite the opposite. 1-29-23 Notes – Help, Psalm 124 Psalm 56:9   This I know that God is for me.  

The Songs of Ascent: Happiness

Psalm 128 The Nativity:  an invasion of Happiness (Note: Due to technical issues, the audio begins in the middle of the sermon, and no video is available this week.) 12-25-22 Notes – Happiness, Psalm 128
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