Acts: Truth Liberated

Acts: Truth Liberated

Personal Issues – The Ethiopian Official

Acts 8:25-40 What keeps you from following Jesus? This is a continuation of the sermon series, Acts: Truth Liberated.  Today begins a sub-series: People Liberated.  Refer to the notes for more detail. 8-1-21 Notes – People Part I, Ethiopian Also referenced:  The Only Way Forward;             Noahide Laws  

Counter Attack

We should not be surprised when the father of lies opposes the truth. Acts 3:1-8:3 7-25-21 Notes – Counter Attack, Acts 3-8 Also referenced this morning: Sermons and Speeches in Acts

Hurry Up and Wait!

Acts 28:31       Acts 1:1-14 If we want to join God in liberating truth, we must learn to wait… Today begins a new series of messages centered on the book of Acts. 7-11-21 Notes – Hurry Up and Wait, Acts 1