Sermons from February 2020

Sermons from February 2020

Who He Is

Revelation 1:4-20 First in a series, What Does He Want Us to Do? A time for review, based on Revelation 1-3. When we know who He is, and respond appropriately to Him, then we will have nothing to fear when He evaluates us. 2-16-20 Notes – Who He Is

Forget Me Not!

Being Present to God Psalm 103:1-2 God is blessed when we take pleasure in Him. 2-9-20 Notes – Forget Me Not – Ps 103, 104

Gospel Reprise

Concluding the series: “Minor Prophets, Major Messages – The Drama of Jesus as told by the Prophets“ The message needs to be heard no matter what the response. Romans 1:8-17 2-2-20 Notes: Romans – Gospel Reprise