Sermons on Isaiah

Sermons on Isaiah

Announcement: A Verdict Has Been Reached!

Isaiah 40:1-2            Isaiah 1:2-9 The series, Isaiah: The Strong and Holy God has Intervened, consists of three sub-series: I.    Isaiah: God as King (Advent) II.   Isaiah: God as Servant (Easter) III.  Isaiah: God as Conqueror (Pentecost) This is the first sermon in the second sub-series, “God as Servant.” 1-10-21 Notes – Isaiah 40 1-2 Announcement          The video recording is here

Joy: The King Is Coming

Isaiah 8:22 – 9:7 Joy is the emotion people who love God experience when they see His redemptive act. Question: When will God act? 12-13-20 Notes – Joy – Isaiah 9 Today’s Missionary Moment video.     The entire service is here. Related Resources: Isaiah: Quotations and Allusions in the New Testament Messianic Prophecies in Isaiah  

Faith: A Tale of Two Kings

Isaiah 7-8        Isaiah 36-37 Faith Question: Will you fear men or fear God? 12-6-20 Notes – Faith – Isaiah 7-8 The Missionart Moment video is here.

Hope: The Lost Kingdom

Isaiah 1:1-31 Question: Is there hope for a people in rebellion? 11-29-20 Notes – Hope: Isaiah 1 Full service is here.  The Missionary Moment video is here.

Choices Have Consequences, Part 1

Choices Have Consequences, Part 1: Judgment of the Nation Matthew 12:18-21,  13:14-15          Isaiah 42:1-4,  6:9 Continuing the the series: It Is Written Reality as God Sees It Jesus treated Scripture as the Word of God; so should we. 10-25-20 Notes – Choices Have Consequences Part I