Sermons on John

Sermons on John

The Question Raised

John 20:30-31 #1 in a four-part series: JESUS:  A QUESTION OF IDENTITY (and what difference it makes.) 3-19-23 Notes – The Question Raised Additional Resources mentioned: Seeking a Savior (Article) Dramatic presentation of Gospel of John Dramatic presentation (available in 24 languages)

The Courteous God

#4 and last in the series: The Other Attributes of God (John 1-4) John 4:1-42 When we speak with courtesy, we are speaking with the voice of God 8-23-20 Notes – The Courteous God Additional resources mentioned today: “War of Words” by Paul David Tripp “The God of Good Manners” (Derek Rishmawy) “America’s Crisis of Contempt” (Arthur Brooks)  

The Honest God

#3 in the series: The Other Attributes of God (John 1-4) John 3:1-15 8-16-20 Notes – The Honest God                                8-16-20 Media  

The Celebrating God

#2 in the series: The Other Attributes of God (John 1-4) The Celebrating God has always been, but this attribute is often forgotten. John 2:1-11 8-9-20 Notes – The Celebrating God  

He Lived a Life of Worship

What DID Jesus Do?   He Lived a Life of Worship. John 4:1-35 Concluding the series: “What DID Jesus Do?“ He walked in the Spirit while living in this physical world. HOW did Jesus keep his face on the Father while keeping his feet on the ground?  By keeping spiritually fit through regular training in spiritual disciplines. S  T  O  P S     Be STILL in order to refocus T     Be diligent to study the TRUTH O     Be…

Jesus Walked in the Spirit in this Physical World

WHAT DID  JESUS DO?                       Jesus WALKED IN THE SPIRIT in this PHYSICAL World Matthew 4:1 September 2, 2018 Living in the flesh while walking in the Spirit is the normal human condition. I.  The OBVIOUS CONNECTION Between Jesus physical life and His Spiritual life. Matthew 1;     Luke 1&2;     Matthew 3&4;     Mark 3; Matthew 7:28;      Matthew 14;       John 6 II.  The PROMISED PARTICIPATION Of those who follow him with this kind of life. Luke 11; John 7:37-39; …

Discipleship Happens in the Physical World

 WHAT DID  JESUS DO? Jesus LIVED a holy life in this PHYSICAL World John 1:14 August 26, 2018 DISCIPLESHIP happens in the physical world I.  The THEOLOGY of God in the Physical World A.  Opposition to a Physical Jesus He can’t be God and Man He can’t be Man and God B.  Christology in a Verse                      John 1:14 Word                              Creative Expression Became Flesh              New and Permanent Dwelt                             Tabernacled…